Ethical Considerations: Remuneration with Arfan Hanif

This thought-provoking episode delves into the ethical considerations surrounding remuneration and health inequalities. In this enlightening conversation with Arfan Hanif, we unravel the complexities behind the term “health inequalities” and how it often acts as a coded expression, diluting the core issues. Arfan and Anna discuss the evolving commissioning landscape, emphasising the pivotal role of representation in mental health and the profound impact of research on decision-making. They explore the importance of a representative board in addressing historical research gaps, the delicate balance of compensating service users, the ethical nuances surrounding payment in academia, the imperative need for ethical boards in mental health, and the challenges in safeguarding vulnerable individuals. Arfan shares insights on viewing research remuneration as an investment, the power dynamics within academia, and the transformative impact of giving power away to empower others.

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Arfan Hanif
Arfan Hanif
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