Partnership and Collaboration: Authentic Connections with Milena Wuerth

This episode featuring Milena Wuerth explores partnership and collaboration in mental health research. From the nuanced art of collaborative dynamics to navigating pushback and managing tensions, Milena unveils the intricacies of participatory research projects. We delve into academic collaborations through the lens of early career researchers, where kindness and authenticity are necessary. We also uncover the challenges of balancing professionalism with vulnerability and trust and discover the secrets to identifying, vetting, and collaborating with diverse organisations. Anna also shares her experiences in this insightful conversation, emphasising the significance of building long-term relationships with community organisations and advocating for institutional changes to sustain collaboration beyond project timelines.

Here are some resources:

Co-producing rapid research: Strengths and challenges from a lived experience perspective

Whiteness and the Race Equality Network: co-production in action

Best practice framework for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in collaborative data analysis of qualitative mental health research: methodology development and refinement

Patient and public involvement in doctoral research: reflections and experiences of the PPI contributors and researcher

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Milena Wuerth
Milena Wuerth
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